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3D printed lingerie hits the runway at victoria’s secret fashion show

source: designboom
A shimmering, 3D-printed lingerie ensemble was revealed on the runway at the 2013 victoria’s secret fashion show, incorporating the industrial technology in a high-tech couture costume. fractal-like in framework, the outfit includes a corset, wings and accompanying hat, each made from hundreds of snowflakes which interlock to either move like fabric, or stand sculpturally rigid. the garment was made to fit, so in its’ construction, fashion model lindsay ellingson had been completely 3D scanned to understand the specific dimensions of her form.
The entire wardrobe had been printed in lightweight nylon, then encrusted with millions of swarovski crystals fit onto victoria’s secret initimates. the snow angel outfit has been designed in collaboration between new york-based architect bradley rothenberg, victoria’s secret and swarovski’s design team, and printed by shapeways.The making-of video below previews the design and fabrication process at the shapeways factory, excavating the wings from the nylon powder and fitting the form directly onto the model.
the making of the swarovski 3D printed look at the 2013 victoria’s secret fashion show
video courtesy of swarovski
a model wears the 3D printed piece
image courtesy of swarovski

architect bradley rothenberg with the 3D printed piece
image courtesy of shapeways

a piece of the printed corset
image courtesy of shapeways

a detail of the 3D printed snow outfit
image courtesy of shapeways

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