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Building to new heights with 3D printing

These are exciting times for architects who are pushing the technology envelope. 3D printing is not only offering new and better solutions for creating architectural models, but also changing the way buildings are built – check out this BBC article about a 3D printed canal home planned in Amsterdam. Speed, materials, location and “builders” (Robots instead of people? On the moon instead of on Earth?) are all in the midst of experimentation!
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3D Printed Steampunk Themed 28-Geared Cube – Printed Fully Assembled

This is a proof of concept and test of 3D printing’s ability to print complex mechanical objects in 1 print with no assembly required (this is how it left the 3D printer with all the mechanical parts working). If you know nothing about 3D printing or don’t fully understand the mechanism (28 gears – explained in the description below), this may not seem impressive so please don’t comment or rate unless you fully understand what has been done here.

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3D Printing

3D-printed canal home takes shape in Amsterdam

Source: for BBC
The architects intend to use the house as an education centre to help promote 3D printing

It sounds like the ultimate do-it-yourself project: the print-your-own-home.

In place of bricks and mortar and the need for a construction crew, a customisable building plan which transforms itself from computer screen graphics into a real-world abode thanks to the latest in 3D printing technology.

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